A fine Spring day in April had Leicestershire and Northants members getting together for our Spring Rally. 

The sePat & lisa at spring rallyssion was taken by Lisa Bigley, who having recently qualified as a National Trainer, put her expertise into practice with a beautiful yet challenging piece to a very familiar tune – now where had we heard that before?? – Oh, yes, the M&S advert – but this time we heard the full version.

spring rally group








spring rally table

Knowing there will be plenty of home-made cakes to follow, many members skip lunch in order to do the table full justice.   With plenty of helpers on hand making tea, the rest of the afternoon flew by in a hub-bub of chatter and the latest family news. 


 pat and sue raffle


And, as usual, we had a raffle, expertly organised as usual by Pat Kilsby and Sue Jeffries – with almost as many prizes as tickets sole – thanks girls.