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 And now we have a Facebook Page – especially for East Midlands members

Facebook/East Midlands Keep Fit Association. 

This has been set up as a closed group, especially for East Midlands KFA members, so that we can chat and upload pictures that we only want our friends to see.  Once a member of the group, you can upload your own pictures and stories, invite your friends to join and share your memories.

 All East Midlands KFA members and teachers whose email we know have been invited to join – and 79 of you have done so already.   If you haven’t let us know your email (or if you have changed it recently) please contact ( and you will be invited to join our group.    Please also remember to include your email address when you re-affiliate. 

 Then there are our Newsletters.     We will still produce our Newsletters and post them to you, but you know how limited we are for space.   Facebook allows us to have so many more pictures and stories about our local events as and when they happen, because every member of the group can upload their pictures and stories.