What is a KFA Class like?

class Right arm reachKFA Moves are safe and effective dance-based fitness classes which will lift your spirits and strengthen your heart, muscles and core.  Each class is designed to work through a range of balance, stretch, co-ordination and flexibility moves that will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalised and so build and maintain your health and fitness week on week throughout your life.

But, most of all - KFA classes are fun!

Although all our Teachers are trained to the same high standard following Laban’s analysis of movement, every one is unique and presents her class differently.  Most will offer a taster class free of charge and some even allow you to attend a few classes at the usual weekly class rate before you decide to become a member.  You see, we know that, once you do, you will return week after week, year after year.

Class members range in age from 18 to 80 years – Classes vary in style from high energy to those suited for mature movers. You chose a class that is right for you - and either combine it with your visits to the gym or another class. Your membership covers you for any and all classes you attend. 

With KFA you can change class style as your personal circumstances change, as you get older, you can move to activities at a gentler pace and even on to seated exercise.  This is our holistic approach to fitness.  It isn't just for the young - we believe in keeping fit for life.  We are proud of the fact that we have many members who have been attending one or other of our classes for forty years or more

The Holistic Approach:   KFA classes address your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. With KFA Moves the focus is on lifelong fitness and so we feature a range of class styles that either alone,  or in combination with others, will keep you fit throughout your life.  Our classes are movement based - that is: we focus on body activities and body actions that stimulate and exercise the whole body, but by adding the element of dance, these exercises become enjoyable and life enhancing.  Check out the KFA Moves Class Styles and pick the one that suits you now.