About KFA

The Keep Fit Association is a long-established body dedicated to the provision of safe and effective exercise, movement and dance.  All KFA movement is based on the principles of movement laid down by Rudolph Laban.  Known as the father of modern European dance, he devised a clear and concise movement language that gives teachers the tools to provide an holistic workout with functional fitness through creative choreography.

The Holistic Approach:   KFA classes address your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. With KFA Moves classes the focus is on lifelong fitness and so we feature a range of class styles that either alone,  or in combination with others, will keep you fit throughout your life.  Our classes are movement based - that is: we focus on body activities and body actions that stimulate and exercise the whole body, but by adding the element of dance, these exercises become a natural sequence of movement which are in themselves enjoyable and life enhancing.

As you move through life your choice of fitness style changes - Keeping Fit for Life is our motto and we fulfil this by offering you a choice of class styles to suit your changing life pattern.  Other than Youth Moves, which is aimed at school age children, none of the KFA class styles is age or gender specific - you can attend any class or combination of classes to suit you as your life changes. 

Click on Class Style on the Left for a brief description.  Then use the browser button above to see where those classes are held in your locality.   Remember also that your membership covers you for any class - anywhere in the UK, so, for example, if you cannot bear to miss a class while on holiday - you can use the search box to find a local class and you will be able to attend

About our Teachers

With KFA you know you are in safe hands.  All KFA registered teachers have undertaken a comprehensive training course and are committed to ongoing additional training throughout their teaching career. You can be sure of a class that is structured to be challenging, stimulating, achievable and fun. 

The emphasis is on you – your teacher will encourage you to work to the best of your ability and to strive to achieve more, but will never demand you attempt over-ambitious or unsafe moves.  Out aim is to make KFA classes enjoyable as well as beneficial, so that you return year after year.  The physical skills developed in class will enhance your everyday life, give you greater confidence and will last a lifetime.

KFA membership is nationwide.  Being a member allows you to participate in KFA classes anywhere in the UK. Go to http://www.keepfit.org.uk .   You can also join in classes run by other members of the Exercise Movement and Dance Partnership, such as Medau and Fitness League for no additional membership fee.  Follow the links in the footer below to go direct to these websites.